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Colour Harmonies

Colour harmonies are sets of colours which work well together. Harmonies provides six different harmonious colour schemes (three of which let you adjust the 'distance' between the colours).

Complementary colours are opposite on the colour wheel (e.g. orange and blue). They are high in contrast and need to be used carefully, but can work well when you want areas to stand out.

Analogous colours are adjacent on the colour wheel (e.g. orange, red and yellow). They generally work well together although there needs to be sufficient difference between them.

Triadic colours are evenly spaced around the colour wheel (e.g. orange, purple and green). These schemes can be vibrant and work best when one colour is predominant.

Split-complementary colours are a variant of the complementary scheme, with two colours analogous to the complement.

Tetradic colours use four colours arranged in two complementary pairs, offering a lot of variety, although work best when one colour is dominant.

Square colours are a special case of tetradic scheme, with the four colours evenly spaced around the colour wheel.