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Weldmark is the manufacturer of Genuine Interlas Tig Torches.

Interlas Tig Torches are a range of traditional, robust torches, available in both Air Cooled and Water Cooled versions.

Interlas 121 – 150amp Air Cooled Torch Assemblies.

121 Torch Assemblies have a reinforced mono power cable with 3/8″ BSP fittings.

0315120 121 Torch Assembly with 3.5metre lead  

0315250 121 Torch Assembly with 7metre lead     

Interlas 301 – 300amp Water Cooled Torch Assemblies.

301 Torch Assemblies have three separate reinforced PVC hoses, with 3/8″ BSP fittings, inside a neoprene sheath.

0315121 301 Torch Assembly with 4metre cable assembly      

0315251 301 Torch Assembly with 8metre cable assembly         .

Both the 121 and 301 come complete with a long back cap and seal washers. A short back cap is available as an optional extra.

The head angle on both torches may be reversed and both can be used for standard or gas lens operations.

The collet design ensures effective gas coverage, often without the need to use a gas lens.

The parts are interchangeable between the torches and both have a tungsten capacity of 1.0mm (0.040″) to 4.8mm (3/16″).

Interlas 401 400amp Water Cooled Torch Packages.

401 Torch Packages have three separate reinforced PVC cables and hoses, with 3/8″ BSP fittings, inside a neoprene sheath. They are available in 4metre or 8metre lengths and are supplied fitted with a long back cap, 3.2mm collet, a universal collet body and a 13mm bore gas cup.

0314135 401 Torch Package with 4metre cables and hoses       

0314170 401 Torch Package with 8metre cables and hoses       

The torch can be used for standard, gas lens operation or with a long reach gas cup.

The heavy duty universal collet body and gas lens collet body provide good heat-sink and the range of heavy duty collets allow a tungsten capacity of 1.2mm to 6.3mm.

All torches can be switched as an optional extra.



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