Pencil Torches


Straight (Pencil) torches are ideal for reaching into tight areas and can be hand held or mounted for mechanized applications. All WeldTec Pencil Torches feature FRONT END QUICK LOCK adjustment of the Tungsten Electrode. The unique head allows the easiest of Tungsten “Stick Out” adjustment without the difficulty usually associated with conventional pencil torches. Simply unlock the head with a twist of your fingers, adjust the loosened Tungsten to its new position and relock. The Tungsten is firmly held until the next adjustment is required. All Torch Bodies are complete with this replaceable Head. Torch Bodies have resilient, high temperature silicon rubber insulation. This has outstanding dielectric qualities which prevent high-frequency current leakage. The silicon rubber does not chip or crack and will withstand high temperatures. All torch body components are made from high conductivity copper and brass to give high current capacity and maximum heat dissipation. Torches are available in both AIR COOLED and WATER COOLED versions.



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