The Speedway 320 – rated at 320amps – uses the same parts as a WT20 and can eliminate the need for changing to a larger torch.

Dual Back Cap seal provides positive gas seal and protection against “HF” current leakage.

The Speed Bump handle can rotate 360 degrees to obtain the optimum position for allowing long work cycles without tiring.

Torch packages include: Flexible Rubber OverBraided cables and hoses, a super flexible soft leather zipper cover and a starter kit with back caps, 2.4mm collet and collet body, 2.4mm tungsten electrode and a gas cup.

SW320-12DX 320amp Speedway Torch Package with 12.5ft (3.8m) cables and hoses.

SW320-25DX 320amp Speedway Torch Package with 25ft (7.6m) cables and hoses.

The increased water cooling and greater current carrying capacity, allow a tungsten range up to 5/32″ (4.0mm) – (41V35-532 medium back cap required).

The whole range of WT20 parts can be used:-

Standard collets, collet bodies and gas cups.

Standard gas lenses and gas lens cups.

Medium gas lenses and medium gas lens cups.

Large diameter gas lenses with large diameter gas lens collets and large diameter gas lens cups.

These items are all available individually or a convenient accessory kit is available.

SW320-AK Accessory Kit comprises:-

Collets: 1 off each 1/16″ (13N22), 3/32″ (13N23), 1/8″ (13N24).

Collet Bodies: 1 off each 1/16″ (13N27), 3/32″ (13N28), 1/8″ (13N29).

Gas Cups: 1 off each 5/16″ Bore (13N09), 3/8″ Bore (13N10).

Gas Lenses: 1 off each 1/16″ (45V43), 3/32″ (45V44), 1/8″ (45V45).

Gas Lens Cups: 1 off each 3/8″ Bore (53N60), 7/16″ Bore (53N61).

Tungstens: 1 off each 1/16″, 3/32″, 1/8″ GOLD.

Back Caps: 1 off each Medium (41V35), Short (41V33).

The Super Size Champagne 2 Nozzle Kit can also be used on the SW320 (see details).

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