WT17 range of 150amp Air Cooled Tig Torches


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The WT17 series of 150amp AIR COOLED Tig Torches are medium weight general purpose torches.

The WT17 Torches are very versatile.

They use a range of Standard Collets and Collet Bodies, Gas Lenses, Large Diameter Gas Lenses and a range of ” Stubby” Gas Lenses that allow use of the smaller Gas Cups from the WT9.

They are available in different versions:-

  WT17          Standard Rigid Neck Torch Body.

  WT17F        Flexible Neck Torch Body.

  WT17V        Valved Torch Body.

  WT17FV      Flexible Neck Valved Torch Body.

AllTorch Bodies have resilient, high temperature Silicon Rubber insulation.

There is a wide range of WT17 parts that can be used:-

Standard Collets, Collet Bodies and Gas Cups.

Standard Gas Lenses and Gas Lens Cups.

Medium Gas Lenses and Medium Gas Lens Cups.

Large Diameter Gas Lenses with Large Diameter Gas Lens Collets and Large Diameter Gas Lens Cups.

There is even a range of “Stubby” Collet Bodies, “Stubby” Medium Gas Lenses and “Stubby” Small Gas Lenses that allow use of the smaller range of WT9 Gas Cups.

These items are all available individually or a convenient accessory kit is available.

The range of Quartz Tig Nozzles and the MegaFlo Glass Nozzles can also be used on the WT17  range of Torches.


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