The WT18SP PENCIL Torch has the same 350amp capacity and dependability as the standard WT18 Torch.

It can be used as a hand held torch or fitted with a barrel and rack for machine mounting (WT18SPM).

The Torch Bodies are complete with a replaceable head (18SP-H), which allows FRONT END QUICK LOCK adjustment of the Tungsten Electrode.

Torch Assemblies are available with either 12.5ft (3.8m) or 25ft (7.6m) cables and hoses.

Machine End fittings are 3/8″ BSP as standard. Other fittings are available on request.

There is a choice between Reinforced PVC cables and hoses – for light duty applications – or the more durable Rubber Overbraided (R) cables and hoses.

Torch Assemblies can be Switched (SW) and/or Sheathed (SH). Sheathed torches are fitted with a Neoprene sheath as standard, or there is a range of Zipper Covers to suit.

Torch Assemblies and Torch Bodies are supplied with an 18CG Cup Gasket and have a Tungsten capacity of 1.0mm (0.040″) to 4.0mm (5/32″).

Both the WT18SP and the WT18SPM use standard WT18 parts.

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