WT20P – WT25


The WT20P 225amp Water Cooled PENCIL Torch and the WT25 225amp Water Cooled FLEXI/PENCIL Torch are straight versions of the popular WT20 250amp Water Cooled Torch.

Both can be used as a hand held torch or mounted for machine operation.

The Torch Bodies are complete with a replaceable head (9P-H) which allows FRONT END QUICK LOCK adjustment of the Tungsten Electrode.

Torch Assemblies are available with either 12.5ft (3.8m) or 25ft (7.6m) cables and hoses.

Machine End fittings are 3/8″ BSP as standard. Other fittings are available on request.

There is a choice between reinforced PVC cables and hoses – for light duty applications – or the more durable and flexible Rubber Overbraided (R) cables and hoses.

Plain Torches with the Rubber Overbraided cables and hoses are fitted as standard with the H100B Strain Relief handle, which is designed to minimise damage and prevent kinks in the cables and hoses. The plain H100 handle or the H100F Fluted handle, which helps to keep the handle cooler in the welder’s hand, can be fitted on request.

Torch Assemblies can be Switched (SW) and/or Sheathed (SH).

Sheathed torches are fitted with a Neoprene sheath as standard, but there is a range of optional Zipper Covers to suit.

Both the WP20P and WT25 Torch Assemblies and Torch Bodies are supplied with a 598882 Insulator andhave a Tungsten capacity of 1.0mm (0.040″) to 3.2mm (1/8″).

There is a wide variety of parts, which are interchangeable with the standard WT20 torch. (see full technical specifications)

Water cooling requirement : 1 litre per minute.

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