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The WT24 series of Tig Torches are small compact torches, ideal for intricate work in tight places.

They are available in both AIR COOLED (80amp) and WATER COOLED (180amp) versions.

The Air Cooled Torch Body has 2 Flexi options – WT24F Flexi and WT24FV Flexi / Valved.


The Water Cooled Flexi Torch Body is WT24WF and features around the head water cooling for maximum performance.

Torch Assemblies are available with either 12.5ft (3.8m) or 25ft (7.6m) leads and hoses.

AIR COOLED Torches have Single Piece leads with 3/8″ BSP Machine End fittings as standard. Other fittings are available on request.

Standard leads are made from durable Reinforced Rubber (R) for a long service life.

Super Flexible (SF) Rubber Overbraided leads are available on request.

WATER COOLED Torch Assemblies can either have traditional Reinforced PVC cables and hoses, or Flexible Rubber (R) Overbraided cables and hoses.

Torch Assemblies fitted with Flexible Rubber (R) Overbraided cables and hoses can be fitted with the optional H100B Strain Relief Handle.

Torch Assemblies can also be Switched and/or Sheathed as an optional extra, or there is a range of Zipper Covers to suit.

All Torch Bodies and Torch Assemblies are supplied with a 53N22 Insulating Gasket.

AIR COOLED Torches have a Tungsten capacity of 0.040″ (1.0mm) to 1/16″ (1.6mm).

WATER COOLED Torches have a Tungsten capacity of 0.040″ (1.0mm) to 3/32″ (2.4mm).

Both versions use standard WT24 parts and consumables.


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