WTB Ball-Joint Torches


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The BALL-JOINT torch features a swivel ball joint that locks the head in place with a twist of the torch body.

To lock the head, the head is set in the desired position and then with the torch head held in the palm of the hand, the ribs of the orange bulb section held with the thumb and forefinger, the black rubber torch body / handle is twisted clockwise. A slight twist in the opposite direction will unlock the head.

Various 50degree, 70degree, 90degree and 180degree(pencil) heads are interchangeable.

All 920 heads allow use of standard WT9, WT20 parts.

All 1718 heads allow use of standard WT17, WT18 parts.

24 heads allow use of standard WT24 parts.

Torch packages come with either 12.5ft (3.8m) or 25ft (7.6m) power cables and hoses.

All torches have 3/8″ BSP Machine End fittings as standard. Other fittings are available on request.

Air Cooled torches are available in 125amp (WTB-9) and 150amp (WTB-17) versions.

They are also available with a valve (WTB-9V) and (WTB-17V).

Air Cooled torch packages have a reinforced rubber power cable, 70degree head, a medium back cap and a wrench for screwing the head onto the ball stem.

Water Cooled torches are available in 250amp (WTB-20) and 270amp (WTB-18) versions.

Water Cooled torch packages have flexible rubber overbraided cables and hoses, a super flexible leather zipper cover, a 70degee head, a starter kit with back caps, a collet and collet body, a gas cup and a wrench.


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