WTR Roto Head Torches


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The ROTO-HEAD torch features a torch head that rotates 360 degrees. When in the desired position the head can be locked firmly in place using the locking knob – 150LK. The unique angled torch body allows access to tight weld locations. There are TWO Interchangeable Torch Heads:- 920R alllows use of standard WT9 and WT20 parts. 1718R allows use of standard WT17, WT18 and WT26 parts. Air Cooled Torches are available in 125amp (WTR-9) and 150amp (WTR-17) versions. Water Cooled Torches are available in 250amp (WTR-20) and 270amp (WTR-18) versions. Torch Packages come with either 12.5ft (3.8m) or 25ft (7.6m) power cables and hoses. All torches have 3/8″ BSP Machine End fittings as standard. Others are available on request. Air Cooled Torch Packages have a reinforced rubber power cable, a 90degree head and a medium back cap. They are also available in a valved version : WTR-9V, WTR17V. Water Cooled Torch Packages have flexible rubber overbraided cables and hoses, a super flexible leather zipper cover, a 90degree head, and a starter kit with back caps and a collet, collet body and gas cup.


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