Zipper and Velcro Cable Covers


Cable Covers are available in two types of material, soft woven nylon and flexible glove-soft leather. Both types of material offer protection for expensive torch cables and hoses.

Careful workmanship and double stitching of the closure ensure long life. Cover ends are fused to resist fraying and cable ties are provided to secure the cover to the torch handle.

Cable covers are available with a non-conductive zipper closure or with a velcro closure. The non-conductive zipper will not conduct “HF” current and is protected from hot metal contact by the overlap flap construction. The velcro closure is not affected by burn or melt spots.

The full length closure allows installation without removing the torch from the welding machine.

Covers are available in 11ft lengths to fit 12.5ft torches or in 24ft lengths to fit 25ft torches.

3 inch wide zipper covers will cover bundles of cables up to 3/4 inch diameter, 4 inch wide up to 1.1/4 inches.

Leather Covers (LC) are made from a soft flexible leather and are burn, spatter, tear and abrasion resistant.

Black Woven Covers (WC) are made from woven black nylon, which is soft and lightweight with good abrasion and tear resistance.

Safety Orange Covers (SC) are also made from soft, lightweight woven nylon but in a bright highly visible orange colour.

Overcoat Leather Cable Covers.

These unique patented two-piece protective covers are made using a cowhide main cover and a soft leather extension cover.

The cowhide leather will take the abuse of being dragged on the shop floor, over the weld fixture and even over sharp edges on the work piece. It is not affected by sparks, spatter, flames, heat or cold. It is closed with a double stitched velcro closure that will not arc-out or melt.

The 6 foot soft leather extension cover is fitted with a non-conductive zipper closure and extends from the cowhide cover up to the torch handle. This gives the operator a lightweight, highly flexible protective cover at the working end which resists burns, tears, cuts and does not pick up grinding burrs.

The two covers can be replaced separately if needed.

Overcoat cable covers are available in 12 foot and 24 foot lengths to suit 12.5 ft and 25ft torches.

These protective covers will pay for themselves many times over in reduced cable and hose replacement costs and reduced down time.

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